Basic Computer Protection

May 7th 2020, Kire

(translated by Panos)

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  • Keep operating system and applications up to date
  • Trusted sources for programs
  • Handling of passwords
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Regular backups
  • Cloud Synchronization
  • Conclusion

Keep operating system and applications
up to date

  • Most updates contain security patches
  • Play in real time
  • "Patch your stuff" instead of "never touch a running system"

Keep operating system and applications
up to date

Keep applications up to date

  • Windows: Manually or with an Update-Tool
  • MacOS/iOS: App Store
  • Android: Google Play, F-Droid etc.
  • Ubuntu Linux: Software Updater

Trusted sources

  • Don't install software found "somewhere" in the Internet
    • Official manufacturer/project or through App Store, Google Play
  • Is the source code available? Are there any further updates?
  • Free of charge does not come for free: Business/sustainability model?
  • Pay attention to https encryption
  • This also applies to browser extensions, etc.!

Handling of passwords

  • As long as possible and "random"
    • Abbreviation of a sentence (incl. punctuation marks)
    • Juxtaposition of words
    • Password generator
  • For every service a different password
  • Change master passwords regularly
  • Use a Password Manager, such as KeePassXC

Hard Disk Encryption

  • Protection from offline attacks
    • Computer is stolen or confiscated
    • (Defective) mobile phone will be replaced and disposed
  • No protection when accessing an already powered PC
  • The initial encryption takes time
  • Before activation: Create backup!

Hard Disk Encryption


  • Regularly, beause backups lose value quickly
  • External hard disk, USB stick, "Cloud"
  • Attention to encryption
  • Multiple versions (disks, directories)
  • Keep it off-site
    • E.g. exchange two sticks for each other
    • One at home, one at work



  • Access of Backups/Data in the iCloud is possible through Apple and authorities
  • Who is the customer if a service (like Gmail, GMX) is free?

Cloud Alternatives


  • Basic computer protection is not an one-time affair
  • Trusted services cost and/or are open source projects

Thank you for your interest



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