Most likely you are accessing this web page because you had some issue with the traffic coming from one of our servers. The charitable organization Digital Society runs several Tor exit nodes. A detailed overview can be found on the servers page. The IP addresses of the Tor servers are:

Location Zug, Switzerland


Location Zurich, Switzerland

  • / 2a02:418:6017::147
  • / 2a02:418:6017::148
  • / 2001:620:20d0::19
  • / 2001:620:20d0::20
  • / 2001:620:20d0::23
  • / 2001:620:20d0::24

If you are a Swiss law enforcement official you might want to read some background information about the Tor network of secure and confidental communication and our intentions available in German and French. English speaking people can find a similar text on DigiGesTor1/DigiGesTor3/DigiGesTor4/DigiGesTor5.

That being said, if you still have a complaint about one of our servers, you may use one of the possibilities for contacting us. We will respond promptly.

Email abuse(at)
Mail Digitale Gesellschaft, CH-4000 Basel